I am a California native who grew up in the Santa Ynez Valley: a vineyard and ostrich farm laden town just east of Santa Barbara. After completing a degree in Animation and Visual Effects at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, I moved south to the Santa Monica area.

I adore great stories and I want to be a part of telling them. Whether it be watching an engaging film or television show, reading a fantastic book, enjoying a piece of art or playing an intriguing video game, I cannot get enough of immersing myself in a well told story. This enthusiasm bleeds into my own imagination. At any given time, I am thinking about a character and his unique world. It is impossible for me not to care about my characters and explore their personalities. I am always thinking about what motivates them, what they say without words or in between the lines, what they hide, what would make them laugh, what would push their buttons, why they would stifle a frown or fake a smile. Even more, I enjoy brainstorming characters with other people. Creative collaboration truly is fulfilling and addicting.

Why have I chosen 3D animation to tell stories? There are a variety of reasons. Besides the fact it is spatial (I am fascinated by astronomy) and it has rules to be understood and broken (that would be the physics geek in me), I enjoy the autonomy of 3D and the potential of it to take one to a special and unique universe. But what I love about 3D is it cannot be done alone. The medium forces one to always be learning and experiencing. An animator is always a student, always gaining knowledge from those around her and, perhaps, is lucky enough to one day be able to pass on some tidbits to her fellow artists. This field allows for a creative environment in which artists work closely with one another, where people contribute, learn, respect and rely on each other in order to achieve a common goal.

Who wouldn't want to be a part of this world known as 3D?